Wedding Bartending – Free Spirits

August 30, 2016

Wedding Bartending – Free Spirits

So you spent thousands for your perfect wedding day at a private estate on Oahu’s north shore.  Then you have Auntie Pat or Uncle John serving your guests from a full bar?  C’mon man!  I can see it now… the beverage line has swelled to 6 people meanwhile uncle is looking up the recipe for a screwdriver.  Or worse, and possibly more embarrassing, you run out of the stylish cups you bought and resorted to red solo cups that you used back in college dorm parties.  The bride is in tears mumbling the lyrics to “Ghetto Superstar” and it’s now too late to do anything about it.

Don’t take chances on your wedding day in Hawaii.  Hire a professional.  They will keep your event running smooth and safe.

Where can you find a company like this?  Right here!  Mobile bartenders have carved out a small niche in the wedding industry and are primarily used at venues that don’t have their own catering options.  freespirits6

A company that has already made a huge splash is Free Spirits Mobile. Free Spirits burst on to the scene in 2012, hosting popular events such as Eat the Street.

Owners Derrick Stevens and Matt Choy (pictured below) have an extensive background in high volume restaurant and nightclub bartending, making Eat the Street the perfect jump off point.
Derrick - Wedding Mobile Bar OwnerMatt _ Wedding Mobile Bar Owner

The company hangs its’ hat on their reputation which is very important when it comes to weddings.  The crew is dependable and come dressed very stylish, and rest assured your guests are served with a smile by experienced bartenders.  Custom cocktails are all the rage in the wedding industry, and it is not uncommon for the bride and groom to have their own signature drinks.  Guess what?  Free Spirits can definitely help with that.


If you want to catch Free Spirits in action, they currently runs the bar service at Art After Dark, Honolulu Night Market, Makers & Tasters as well as Eat The Street.  Visit them on the web at:


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